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PIPS Day Nursery, in line with our mission statement, constantly seeks to improve the provision of care for the children placed with us. Although we have a great deal of experience and expertise within our setting, we regularly engage the services of experts that can monitor our practices and provide additional guidance to ensure we maintain the highest standards of care.


The children are under constant supervision by trained staff and a wide range of facilities and equipment are available, designed to create a safe but enjoyable and stimulating environment for the children. We conduct regular fire drills in a way that children recognise what an alarm sounds like and are able to follow simple instructions to vacate the building as quickly and safely as possible. These drills are carried out under the supervision of our staff, trained to handle such emergency situations in a calm manner.

All staff are employed subject to satisfactory Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau checks and suitable references being obtained.

The Manager is the Safeguarding Co-ordinator (SOCCO) for the setting, with a Deputy Manager acting as a deputy SOCCO.
We operate a strict policy with regard to the use of mobile phones within the setting.

We engage the services of a Health and Safety Professional to conduct an audit of our premises, documentation and operational systems.

PIPS Day Nursery is subject to annual inspections by the Environmental Health, including cleanliness in our kitchen and food preparation areas, storage and handling of food, food temperatures etc. We are proud that our nursery has again been awarded the highest grade of 5, a reflection of our commitment to maintain the highest standards.


PIPS Day Nursery provides a safe and secure area for the children to play and interact with each other. We have security systems in place, backed up by a well proven procedure that controls access to the building.

We have invited an audit by the local Crime Prevention Officer and implemented those recommendations.The nursery operates a CCTV system, the use of which is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). An ICO Officer conducted an onsite audit at our request, to recommend any areas for further improvement.

All visitors are required to sign in and sign out of the premises. All parents/carers are greeted at the main door and are also escorted to the main door when leaving the premises.

Building relationships

Our Key Person system allows the children to a form close relationship with a named member of staff. This special bond helps to ensure the well being of the child whilst under the care of the nursery. However this approach is not limited to the child but is also extended to the parent or carer. In this way, your child's progress and development is continually assessed and you are an important element of that process.

Your comments and suggestions are welcomed to ensure that the continuing care and well being of your child is maintained to the highest standards.

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